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Semi-permanent makeup frequently asked questions.

Your questions on semi-permanent makeup answered


What is semi-permanent makeup?

Semi-permanent makeup is a form of  tattooing that does not place the pigment very deeply in the skin. It is applied precisely with a very fine needle tip and so is also called micro-pigmentation. The needle is controlled by a digitally controlled precision instrument.


Is it permanent or semi-permanent?

Semi-permanent makeup is designed to last approximately 2 years before fading and requiring replenishing. It is interchangeably called semi-permanent or permanent makeup. However, when deciding upon undergoing semi-permanent makeup - look upon it as permanent.


Does it hurt?

With carefully applied topical anaesthesia and patience, Semi-permanent makeup is a well tolerated procedure with minimal discomfort.


If required, a light, intra-oral local anaesthetic, as used in dental practice, can be administered by an experienced doctor (available only at the Sutton Clinic). This is sometimes requested for procedures of the lips.


Is it safe?

Only tested pigments with a longstanding, established safety and performance record are used. All needles used are single use and disposable.


Strict standards of hygiene and cleanliness are adhered to and we practice from premises that provide clinically clean facilities approved by Local Authorities.


Tell me more about the pigments....

The pigments, or colours, are specially formulated for semi-permanent makeup and intended to fade at 2 years on average. We only use pigments made by Nouveau Contour which have been used worldwide for the past 15 years and stood the test of time for quality and safety. A pre-treatment skin patch test is carried to exclude the rare possibility of allergic reaction to the pigments.


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